Become a Fan: Nebraska Stories Episode 810 March 30th

/Become a Fan: Nebraska Stories Episode 810 March 30th

Become a Fan: Nebraska Stories Episode 810 March 30th

The Thursday, March 30 Nebraska Stories episode will cause you to become a fan of many things.  I always appreciate the fact that this program brings to light the good especially of the Nebraska people.  The italicized text below is my thoughts on each of the five segments.

Become a fan of philanthropy …

  • Learn about retired construction executive, active philanthropist and billionaire Walter Scott Jr. of Omaha  You cannot drive very far in Omaha without seeing the Scott name on a building.  I think this was a great tribute to a man who does not seek the spotlight.  While perhaps we may not have millions to give away, we can still have generous hearts.  I am grateful that the Scott family was willing to part with some of their money to make Nebraska a part place to live and grow.  And that Chihuly ceiling … Wow!!!!!  You need to see the episode to know what I am talking about.

Become a fan of Husker volleyball …

  • Watch the 2015 defending Husker Volleyball National Champions interact with fans from central and western Nebraska for two days in Ogallala.  I am thankful that due to NET, I actually get to watch many of the Husker volleyball games.  (Don’t tell anyone, but I think I like watching their matches as much as I like Husker football!)  What was great about this segment is the fact that these women take their privilege of being role models seriously.  They want to inspire girls across the state to work hard because their own volleyball dreams might come true.

Become a fan of Nebraska rodeo …

  • See rodeo through the lens of photographer Mark Harris who spent the past eight years traveling Nebraska to capture the spirit and culture of the sport.  I had not heard of this photographer before, but I am definitely impressed.  He brings to life both the rodeo and the fans.  Through a little research, I found out that Harris is the Associate Director of the University of Nebraska Museum.  In his “free time,” he pursues photography and does photo shoots for Nebraskaland Magazine.  This website is devoted to his book.

Become a fan of “Lip-Schmackin’ Good Cookies” …

  • Learn how small town kid Zachary Schmahl made it big on Broadway – but not through theater – through cookies as the self-proclaimed “cookie king of New York.”  I grew up watching Jeff Schmahl report on television, and I was quite sad last year when I heard that he had lost his hard fought battle with cancer.  Seeing him in this segment supporting his equally likable son was enjoyable.  Learning about this family business was interesting, and the son was definitely the instigator.  I admire Zachary’s courage in starting a cookie business in New York.  Of all the places!!!!!!  And the cookies sound so amazing.  The good news is that for $25, you can have a dozen delivered to your door.  You will definitely want to visit the website because you can vote on the next Schmackery location.  Both Omaha and Lincoln are options!

Become a fan of fire safety …

  • A group of scientists experiment with drones to see if this new technology can combat wildfires and save lives as they perform a prescribed burn at Homestead National Monument   Technology has come a long way, even in fire safety.  Seeing how a drone can start a controlled burn is very fascinating.  Sometimes even a fire can be healing if done in the right manner.  In case you were wondering, the feature image on this post was taken at Homestead National Monument.  Even without the fire, this is a striking location.
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