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Not only do I like learning about Nebraska today, I also love hearing stories about Nebraska past.  Click on the links below to find out about the people, places and things from Nebraska days of old.


Friday Flashback: Nebraska’s First Short-Term Governor

Lincoln and the Civil War: Learning More

Friday Flashback: Edwin Perkins and Kool-Aid

Friday Flashback: Waverly Camp Creek Threshers & Farming of Long Ago

Friday Flashback: The Blizzards of ’49 in Nebraska

Flashback Friday: How the Strategic Air Command and General LeMay Found Their Way to Nebraska

Flashback Friday: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

Friday Flashback: Learning More About the North Platte Canteen

Friday Flashback: A bit about William Jennings Bryan


Fairview: The Former Home of William Jennings Bryan in Lincoln

Friday Flashback: Nebraska’s Ashfall and the Missed Photo Op

Friday Flashback: The Celebration: University Place City Hall to Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln

Flashback Friday: Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition and Indian Congress: Omaha’s World Fair

Friday Flashback: Tornado Tragedy in Omaha (One Century Ago)

Friday Flashback: Marking the Oregon Trail Near Palmyra, Nebraska

Friday Flashback: Playing near a piece of history

Flashback Friday: Officer’s Quarters at Fort Robinson in Northwest Nebraska

Flashback Friday: Former Secretary of State Kennard and his house

Flashback Friday through Photography: The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia in Lincoln

Flashback Friday: The First Churches in Lincoln, NE

Flashback Friday: High Plains Homestead: The Old West in Western Nebraska

Flashback Friday: Life at a Trader Post (Museum of the Fur Trade: Part 2)

Flashback Friday: Fabled Flats, Fortune, Failure, Frame-able

Flashback Friday: See you at the Sokol (cultural gymnastics in Nebraska)

Flashback Friday: Fairmont Creamery

Flashback Friday: Lincoln Air Force Base

Flashback Friday: Finding Amusement in Nebraska (Roller Coasters Anyone?)


Flashback Friday: Harvard, Heroes, Holmes, Hawkins, Hartley, Herbie: Huskers’ Football Humble Heritage

Friday Flashback: Using Quilts to Interpret Nebraska History

Friday Flashback: Harvesting Community

Flashback Friday: The Homestead Act and Nebraska

Flashback Friday: National Donut Day & Celebrating in Nebraska