William Jennings Bryan and his wife, Mary, are two of my favorite Nebraskans.  His perfect way of speaking to a crowd.  Her way of being so supportive that she was motivated to get her own law degree simply to assist her husband.  Pretty sure I could write a book about them.   Maybe someday I will get that opportunity.

Because I honestly have researched them, trying to narrow down to one column is almost impossible. So for tonight I will stick with my impressions that I learned on our trip to their former house last spring.

Fairview Living Area

First of all, evidently they entertained often. I think I would have enjoyed going to one their afternoon soirees.  I believe that they did not often serve full dinners, instead serving afternoon teas.

Fairview Dining Room

Second, I enjoyed hearing about their dining room. While the table is not original, the room was still the place where President Woodrow Wilson visited.  Guess there are benefits to being Secretary of State.  Wish I could have heard that conversation.  Of course they ended up having polar opposite views on World War 1.  Perhaps all of their interchanges were not exactly civil.  But maybe that is just me creating a good story. 🙂  Anyway, I will definitely be sharing more about the Bryans in the future.

I thought it was fitting to feature them, this week, my birthday week.  You see I lived here for the first nine months of my life.  No – not Fairview.  But on the Bryan campus when there used to be apartments on site for residents.  That was my Dad’s position when I was born.  Because of this, I naturally get a sentimental feeling when we visit. 🙂


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