Recently I had a milestone birthday.  My 40th passed leaving me relatively unscathed.  The only “gag” gifts I received were from my aunt, and they were really fun ones!  My kids were convinced that one gift was intended for them.

Lost Yer Marbles

Trying to explain exactly what the phrase “lost your marbles” means to children is a bit challenging.  Pretty sure I was unsuccessful.  The tag reads: “Lost Yer Marbles Replacement Pack: Help Stop Draino of the Brain.”  Definitely something that I need at times!  But today, I want to reassure my aunt that even if I lose the gift or if the kids commandeer the bag for their marble run game (a more likely story), I will still be okay.  Why?

@ Lee's funny t-shirt

That is right.  We discovered Nebraska’s Marble Museum this summer.  So if I do lose a few, there are a million more to pick from at this eccentric shop.

@ Lee's Antiques

If just driving by, at first one would think that this is just another flea market. That is true for the back of the museum.  After all, the store is stocked with items from my childhood era and even long before.  The kids were quite excited at all of the possibilities even in that section.

Of course if you actually stop at this store located just outside of York off the I-80 exit, you would see that even more awaits you!  (Good job to the reader who guessed that we were at Lee’s Marble Museum).

@ Lee's marbles museum sign

@ Lee's window marble

This is a place that you must see in person to truly understand.  The pictures cannot quite explain the story.

@ Lee's Marbles glass jars

Jars of marbles line the store.  Close to a million on display.

@ Lee's Marbles  4 sale in glass jars

You could actually purchase the marbles from this jar.

@ Lee's marble dispenser

But this dispenser is probably more of a permanent fixture. Although you never know, for the right price, anything might go.

The owner is an older gentleman, and just having a conversation with him was worth the stop.  I asked him how his collection began.  He said, “Accidentally.  I was pretty good at shooting marbles.  Back then, you played for money or for keeps.  I always played for keeps.  So, I got to keep all of the marbles.”

@ Lee's all the marbles

So, now he has oodles and oodles of bright, pretty, colorful marbles.

@ Lee's Chinese checkers

If you are not a shooter, other marble games are available.

@ Lee's Marbles Chinese checkers

He has quite the display of Chinese Checkers boards.

@ Lee's marble poster

And if you are into history, he has that information on display as well.  I had no idea that there were so many specialties or types of marbles.  They can be quite the collector’s items, especially if you know what you are looking at.

@ Lee's kids marble selection

And since many of the “regular” marbles cost a quarter or even just a dime, your kids can actually leave with a souvenir that does not break the bank.  Just be prepared to stand there awhile because the selection process does take some time when you have SO many to choose from!  My kids want to go back again soon.  Since Grandma & Papa live down the road, I am sure they will get their wish!



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