Journal Star NewsprintJournal Star Newsprint

Last spring, our homsechool co-op took a field trip to the Lincoln Journal-Star.  Until our outing, I had no idea how much space was required to get the news out.  Or how many people need to be involved.  Above is a picture of the giant roll of newsprint.Lincoln Journal Star printing press

While we did not get to interact with any of the writers, we did get to see the printing press.  Amazing how they can combine limited colors to make all of the colors that are featured in the paper.  In fact, the stained glass featured in yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday visualizes these shades.

Journal Star press

When you see a rendering of the paper press, you understand just how much space is required to house the giant machinery.  This press originated in Germany.

Journal Star Paper Collage

Watching the action of the paper coming out on the assembly line was fun for all of us.  Besides printing the Lincoln paper in the middle of the night, this press is also responsible for the Beatrice Daily Sun, Fremont Tribune, Columbus Telegram, Schuyler Sun, David City Banner Press and Plattsmouth Journal.  Needless to say, the presses are always hopping!

Journal Star cornerstone

When the paper first came to Lincoln, the title was the State JournalBack in the day, Lincoln had two different papers.  The Lincoln Star was the morning paper, and The Lincoln Journal was the evening edition.  Twenty years ago, they merged into one edition.

One of my favorite parts of the afternoon came later but did not get captured on film.  For over the past year, I have actually been a freelance writer for one of Lincoln Journal-Star‘s publications, the L Magazine.  Since my husband got to go to this field trip, we walked across the street to where the writers are.  My family got to meet my editor who has to be one of the nicest men in the publishing business.  That was fun for me to get to connect my worlds a bit.  Seeing how the paper is published also brought the news to life.

Author: neodyssey