Perhaps writing about a park when the state is covered with snow watches is a bit premature.  But, the month on the calendar does read April, and one week from now, the temperature is supposed to be in the 70’s.  Surely spring will come someday, right?  So, hopefully this post will encourage you to know that sunny days are ahead!

I have to say that Union Plaza Place Park is one of my favorite family destinations!  Traveling the trails around the park on a bike is particularly fun!  So is exploring all of the nooks and whimsical features.


The park is full of unexpected surprises.  Including an area where you can play chess with rocks.  Or do rubbings of nature elements. Even Fido is not forgotten with designated areas for pets.

Gabriel on turtle at park

This park in Lincoln is just east of Downtown and almost merges sections of the city together.  Planning occurred for several years in advance, particularly for the children’s play garden.  This was created in memory of Kit Scott, a lovely young woman who I never had the privilege of meeting.  But, I did get the honor of telling a bit of her story in the January edition of the L Magazine.  I would be honored if you would choose to read “Leaving Lincoln a Legacy.”

You can also see more pictures of the park there.  At the moment, I am not getting my backup drive to cooperate, so I only could post some cell phone pictures.  (Not exactly quality!)  If you have not taken the time to check out Union Plaza Place Park for yourself, I would highly encourage you to do so.  The park is located between about “Q” and “Vine” streets near 20th.  Definitely worth your time to explore!



Author: neodyssey