Over the course of the week-end, we did make it to the Ferguson House (twice) and the Kennard House once.  Seeing both places decorated for Christmas was fun.  Both had little festive touches throughout the house.

Kennard & Ferguson Houses

(Note: some of the smaller pictures you can find on my Nebraska Odyssey Instagram page in larger dimensions :-))

The Kennard …

One of our two stops of the 4 Lincoln H Street Treasures open until 5 today.   #KennardHouse. #Lincoln

The Christmas tree is in the front parlor area.  I love the simple old-fashioned ornaments!

Kennard Christmas tree

Christmas accented the house, rather than taking over like it can tend to do today.

Kennard Christmas Collage

A wreath here and there.  Stockings above the chimney.  Bows on the bannister.

The Ferguson House was much the same way.

Stop 2 on the downtown Lincoln tour.   The beautiful #FergusonHouse #Lincoln

Ferguson House Christmas Collage

Lots of little trees and decorations throughout the place.

The beautiful Ferguson House in Lincoln is all ready for tomorrow 's Christmas open house!

The decorated bannister makes the whole house feel like Christmas.

Their tree is in the corner of the former living room.


Ferguson House library

I was excited to get a peek at the library.  That is the one room in the  house that is rented out as a private office, so normally you cannot see inside.  Ann Ferguson (their great-granddaughter) was telling me that there did not used to be bookcases on the north wall.  The library used to be open into the living area.  (Guess that would not work so well for a private office today!)

Window to Nebraska Capitol in December

Merry Christmas from Nebraska’s Capitol!







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