Did anybody guess where we were yesterday?

DSCN4933_1683NE Trip Nikon 13

I almost posted this picture below yesterday.  Would this have helped?

DSCN4914_1664NE Trip Nikon 13

This is a close up of a “buffalo fur” that they have on display.

DSCN4911_1663NE Trip Nikon 13

Normally I try to intersperse writing about the museum with pictures of all that we observed.  But I have so many photographs of this amazing museum that my post would go on and on and on …  For this entry, I am simply going to show enlarged versions of the images that I shared for Wordless Wednesday yesterday.  Here are the “bigger pictures” in the same order as yesterday. (I will write more about the museum in another post.)

Native American chair

Functional beauty.

DSCN4926_1676NE Trip Nikon 13

Unbelievable craftsmanship – Native American dress.

Dugout picture

In my previous post, the picture gave the view of the inside looking out.  Here is the outside of the soddy dugout looking in.

hanging canoe

One of the two amazing canoes that they had on display.  I found out that until the late 40’s, these type of canoes were still being used as the main form of transport in certain parts of the world.  Then the airplane arrived …

Native American hanging with bells on

Detailed fringe on the bottom of a covering (maybe not the best for a hide and seek game? 🙂

DSCN4920_1670NE Trip Nikon 13

A demonstration of what a stack of furs ready to ship would have looked like.

Fur Trade doors and peppers

The attention to detail throughout the whole museum, both the interior and the exterior areas, was incredible.

More on the contents of the museum to come …

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