I have a feeling that for most of you, “National Poinsettia Day” is not on your radar today.  This is not the case for Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha.  They are prepared to help you celebrate this day by sending the first 100 families through the door home with a poinsettia.  (And not like the ones you can buy at any grocery store either – a fresh poinsettia that they grew in their garden area!)  “Poinsettia Day” tends to be a rather popular event, and they anticipate giving most of them away by noon, so you want to go early.  They are open from 9-5.  Admission for adults is $6 and children age 6-12 are only $3.

Lauritzen Gardens Poinsettia Tree

Perhaps the best reason to go to Lauritzen Gardens – their display of poinsettia plants is truly magnificent.  But by having docents in their poinsettia area, they also want you to leave with more knowledge about this holiday flower.

Lauritzen Gardens poinsettia flowers

What we learned on our short visit yesterday – the red on the plant is actually leaves.  The flowering part is in the center and is often quite small.  So for the above type of poinsettia, the flower is the yellow part in the center.  I will be writing more about our wonderful Lauritzen Gardens experience tomorrow.

P.S.Later today I will post which home for the holidays we visited yesterday.  I decided to take a bit more time to learn a bit more information.  Otherwise my post would just be pretty pictures without as much meaning.  So, later today you will know where we were! 🙂


Author: neodyssey