Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

Name/Location Durham Museum; 801 S. 10th near downtown Omaha; Facebook
Open hours/Contacts Sun: 1-5; Tues. 10-8; W-Sat. 10-5; Closed Mon.; (402)444-5071
Cost Adults $9; Seniors $7; Kids 3-12: $6; Memberships including family, military, education
What to Know Permanent and temporary displays – many hands-on possibilities
Group Tours Group Tour Rates for 10 or more; 2 weeks notice required
Museum Manners This museum is large so supervision is needed; nothing too fragile
Recommended Ages Younger kids would enjoy certain parts; ideally age 5 and up

This is one of my favorite places to take kids in the big “O.”  In fact, despite the fact that we do not reside in Omaha, we had a membership here for a year.  I would imagine at some point we will again.  (In some future posts I plan on taking all about the benefits of museum memberships and even the bonus of reciprocal memberships).

We have not been to the museum for a few years.  I know that I took a bunch of pictures – enjoyed our experiences there.  We do not have the best system for storing photographs on our computer yet – I cannot find any of the photos.  Maybe they were all on our old cell phone?

When we were in Omaha, we stopped by to take a new pictures of the outside at least.  (We were there on a Monday evening – the day the place is closed).  By this point in our adventure,  my Nikon phone batteries were dead.  And of course I did not have any charged and ready.  (Have tried to remedy that, so that does not happen).  A warm summer evening, I think the humidity played havoc on my cell phone camera.  My pictures are horrible (as was evidenced from my “Wordless Wednesday” photos from yesterday.  Anyway, I am very thankful that I have discovered Nebraska Tourism’s Photo Gallery.  They have photographs from around the state that you can use on your site as long as you give them the photo credits.  So, thankfully you will still be able to see a few pictures despite my personal inability to reproduce any great shots.

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

The Durham used to be called the Western Heritage Museum.  Being situated in one of Omaha’s most beautiful buildings, the 1931 Union train station, definitely adds to the charm of your experience.  At Christmastime, they fill the place with an international celebration.  (But more on that in a December blog entry!)

This statue reminds me of my grandparents – a couple who married soon after the War.  (Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism)

The entrance level to the museum has a gift shop and space to hold special events.  They also have room for traveling exhibits.  Many patrons probably have another favorite on this floor – the old-fashioned soda shop.  (I talked about this in my Scoop In Nebraska post.)  I have to admit that we never splurged on this (usually we were going to eat actual food some place instead).  But maybe someday, we can enjoy the treat!

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

The basement level features an actual train that you can climb aboard.  Plus a delightful history of Omaha.  There was a lot that I did not know about Omaha.  Including that there used to be a Buffett general store.

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

Some early furniture designs and even forms of housing are on display.  Such a tipi that kids can climb inside.  There is even a section on who has made good that is from Omaha (an Omaha “Who’s Who.”)

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

They also have rotating and traveling displays from the museum.  One of my daughter’s favorites (and mine as well) was the traveling First Lady Inaugural Dress exhibit.  They have had science exhibits also, as well as an outstanding display on Abraham Lincoln.  This is their current traveling exhibit (straight from their website.

Interestingly enough, I found out that they also have a temporary exhibit on the 1913 Easter tornadoes – what I wrote about for last week’s Flashback Friday.    We definitely need to make it back there soon!  And if you have never been to the Durham Museum, I would encourage you to make a trip there as well!

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism (Thankful they have such a great photo gallery)!

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