My one hundredth blog post!

When I felt nudged to start this blog the beginning of July, I did not really know the directions that it would take me.  Or the people I would meet.  Or all of the photo editing that was required.  Or the fact that having to put words to my experiences would force me to be a little more aware.  I have oodles of ideas, so I do not anticipate my writing slowing down any too soon.

I am not sure that I could pick any place as being my favorite that we have explored.  After all, each place I learned a bit more and took away something positive.  I have continued to appreciate all the Nebraska and its people have to offer.  But I do have one experience that sticks out.

We  had spent the afternoon first at the Ferguson House – a beautiful home  near the Lincoln Capitol building.

Ferguson House

My mom was with us that afternoon – one of my favorite people to be with.  I deeply regret that I did not take any pictures of her with the kids.  This was fairly early on in my blogging, and I was worried far too much about place pictures instead of taking people ones too.  Still trying to work on that …

After that tour, we went over to the Governor’s Mansion.  They were having a special anniversary of the residence open house.

Governor's Mansion

The kids got to go on a picture scavenger hunt throughout the house.  Plus they got to meet First Dog Snickers and the First Lady.  A really fun afternoon.

Governor's Mansion with First Lady

We stopped so I could get a quick back adjustment on the way home.  Since the house was going to be open the next day again, I thought my chiropractor might want to take his daughter.  I asked the kids to tell him about our fun adventures.  At first they could not remember where we had just left.  (I was a bit flabbergasted by that!)

Then my daughter piped up.  “We just went to the Governor’s Mansion, but we might get to go to Hy-Vee on our way home.”  I started to laugh.  As a grown-up I can get caught up in the big experiences.  I loved the fact that to my daughter a trip to the grocery store was at the same level as a trip to see the home of one of the most powerful men in the state.   Time spent with mom and Grammi was what mattered to her.

Unpretentious: not making claim to distinction.

Governor's Mansion garden

I ended up getting into a conversation with the First Lady about her gardens and her herbs.  She definitely seemed to be rather unassuming – I felt like I was having a conversation with my cooking club friends.  Of course, I also enjoy talking to her volunteer assistant.  I enjoy taking to Nebraskans. 🙂

That is most definitely how I want to be and how I want my children to be.  Treating every place we go and every person that we meet with consideration no matter their level or position.  I am continuing to learn this.  That every opportunity that I have to write and to interview and to tour is a gift.  I am thankful to my daughter for her innocent lesson.



Author: neodyssey