Yesterday I had the privilege of presenting a workshop at the NCHEA homeschool convention in Lincoln.  (I love this homeschool convention and can’t wait to go back today!)  This is my third year of presenting a workshop and actually my 2nd to present on the topic of “Art Across Nebraska.”  You would think that I was a brilliant artist or something, when really I am not.  I do consider myself to be an “Art Appreciator,” and that is something that I want to convey to my children.

Many times if people want to see art they think that going to a large metropolitan area is necessary.  I disagree.  I think that Nebraska has several incredible opportunities to experience truly great visual arts.  On this blog, I have already featured some of the “city” museums, such as The Joslyn in Omaha, as well as Sheldon Art Museum.  (Note: due the collections that they display, often Joslyn is geared more toward all ages, whereas at times the Sheldon is geared toward college students as they are on the University campus).  Several other smaller venues exist across the state as well – places on my wish list to visit:  Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art in David CityMuseum of Nebraska Art in Kearney and the Flatwater Folk Art Museum in Brownville.  Not to mention smaller town galleries.  Art is also in the everyday places that you visit and drive by – do you notice the murals, paintings and sculptures in everyday life?  In the months to come, I plan on continuing to feature art opportunities on this blog.

AN23 Murals Collage

In the meantime, I would love for you to check out my document full of Nebraska art possibilities.  Simply look under the “Nebraska Online” tag.  “Art Across Nebraska, Part 1” was from last year’s presentation.  “Art Across Nebraska, Part 2” was from yesterday’s talk and features more about Nebraska artists.  There is some overlap between the documents.  A list of art picture books is also included, so that you can read books about art to your kids.

Appreciate art!

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