Writing about the orchard yesterday made me nostalgic for my teaching days.  Especially the Fridays when we would have “theme” days – where the whole afternoon would be devoted to doing fun things correlating with a particular idea.  One of my favorite ones was always when we studied apples.  I always want to do fun things like this with my own children, but life tends to get away from me.

Martin's Orchard Apple Tree

Enter Pinterest.

I was a bit skeptical about this site at first.  After all, I do not have lots of time to “pin” items.  Until I finally realized that this is simply an online filing cabinet for me to collect all of those great ideas I want to remember in one place.  Now I have become a big fan and will consult my boards to help make my homeschool lesson plans as well as meals that I want to make.

Just today I made up an “Apples All the Way” board.  Now I can live out my theme day at home.  Tomorrow I do plan on making crockpot apple butter as well as freeze some apples to make apple crisp all winter long.  The kids probably won’t be too keen on the activities since tomorrow is Saturday, but maybe I can sneak in a book or two.  Other boards that I have created have to do with some of the places that we have been in Nebraska.

Fort Robinson at Night

This picture is from my Nebraska State Parks board

If you are on Pinterest, I would love if you would follow any or all of my boards.  Have a great recipe of your own or place that you have been across Nebraska that you would like me to pin?  Please e-mail me at odysseythroughnebraska@gmail.com  I would love for us to be Pinterest Pals!


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