I love to find unexpected places!  This one I discovered when my husband and I were dating 15 years ago.  Walking a few miles was enjoyable for us then (amazing what time you have without four kids).  In the entrance to the next neighborhood or two over, we came upon this little commemorative sign.

Lindbergh Aviation

Upon closer examination we discovered a piece of Lincoln history that most people are completely unaware exists.  I enjoyed showing our kids this sign although the significance of just what happened here they probably will not grasp until we study American history again this year.

Lindbergh Aviation Sign

The sign is a bit hard to read, but these are the details.  While now filled with houses, once upon a time part of this Country Club area was Page Field.  Probably many people utilized planes here, but no one was possibly as significant as Charles Lindbergh.  You see this is where he earned his wings – flying a “Lincoln Standard” plane and taking lessons in March 1922.  What he learned would serve him well when he made the first solo Transatlantic Flight May 20-21, 1927 (87 years ago THIS week!)  As Memorial Day is also happening shortly, I decided honoring an an Army Air Reserve Captain was fitting as well!

If you would like to see the monument, head to 20th and E. Pershing Road (just south of Van Dorn) in Lincoln!

Author: neodyssey