I was a bit rushed the other day and missed mentioning what is the longest running annual Christmas concert in Nebraska.  The “Singing Christmas Tree” at the Grand Island Evangelical Free Church will be taking place the next three week-ends.   This is their 40th year!   Suggested donation for the concert is $7, and you can purchase your tickets online.  Or you can also arrange to pick them up in person or through the mail.  Several of the performances are already sold out.  (Note: this is more of an experience for adults and for older children who are school age and above.)

Now just in case a vision of a large dancing Christmas tree is in your head, it is not quite like that.

As this photo from their website illustrates, the singers perform on risers that are in the shape of a Christmas Tree.  There is also a live animal nativity.  I remember going to this with my family when I was younger – a wonderful Christmas event.  So, if you will be in the Grand Island area sometime during the next three week-ends, this is an event that you won’t want to miss!

Author: neodyssey