I have to admit that I am a fan of home improvement shows.  But the commercial break between when they are finishing up and when they do the final reveal can seem to take a long time.  In fact, I would much rather tape those shows, so I can fast forward through to see the finish.

Now I am the first to recognize that my blog is not as exciting as one of those shows.  For one thing, I am not Ty Pennington or as stylish as one of the girls that works on the show with him.  But my husband might be even busier than he is.  For he started a major home improvement project on not one, not two, but all three of the floors of our house today.  Our house is a bit chaotic to say the least.  I am exhausted, and I did very little of the physical part of the labor.  I just have to find new places for things.  That is my daunting job for tomorrow.  My husband is even more tired and probably has more to do.  (Thanks, my KJ, you are the best!)

That being said, I find the time is now 9:45 at night.  I am ready to go to sleep for tonight.  As much as I like writing, I think I might just be out of words.  A rare moment for me, at least in the typing world.  So, for tonight I am simply going to post the same shots from the other day but magnified.  A partial reveal of the place that we visited …

The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Museum in Lincoln!



So, I guess this is where we take a commercial break to hopefully resume telling more about the museum tomorrow.  I was going to post a picture of their plaque in case you want to know more tonight.  But the “metal” typeset does not make for a great photograph – I think it would be more annoying than helpful to try to read what I wrote.  But hey, here is a link to their website at least.  Other pictures and more explanation to come tomorrow …


Author: neodyssey