Back in 1969, Campus Life started in Lincoln. This organization makes a positive difference in the lives of students.  To celebrate their fifty year milestone in 2019, “Serving Hands” public art sculptures were displayed all around Lincoln. Normally I try to go around town and share the sculptures. Due to writing a book, those posts were not possible.

But during the last week, they set up all of the sculptures down at Pinnacle Bank Arena. In between appointments, my daughter and I went down and were able to see almost all of the sculptures.  Even though these hands will no longer be seen around town, I do think that they are still worth telling about.

Pictures are (mostly) identified from left to right, then from top to bottom.

Campus Life Serving Hands

Greg Holdren’s “The Roar of the Crowd” and “Look at This”

Nicki Nix “Catch and Release” and the one directly middle (middle right) “Into the Sun”

Darlene Jansen’s “Climbing Roses – High Aspirations” and “Monarch Butterfly – Metamorphosis of Life”

Joel Anderson’s “Dreamer and “Platte River Sunset”

Campus Life Serving Hands

Lynn Wilson’s

Campus Life Serving Hands

Patrick Gauthier’s

Liz Shea McCoy’s AND directly below (middle right) Music Inspires Love, Love Inspires Music (Sculptor David David Manzanares)

Kate Wilcox’s “Supported by Grace” and “Perspective”

Ian Anthony Laing “My Child, I Give You the Moon,” “Spiderman” and “Oliver’s Bowl”
Campus Life Serving Hands


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