Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast is one of my favorite places in Southeast Nebraska.  While I know that partially does have to do with the place …

Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Outdoor Christmas Collage

Even more has to do with the people who are behind this concept.  We just love and appreciate Bruce and Maureen Stahr.  Unfortunately this photo shoot was a quick one, so I really did not get to interact with either of them.  Guess this gives me an excuse to go back again soon.  When I asked Bruce if he was alright with me featuring their home for the holidays, he kindly agreed to let me take lots of pictures.   Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Christmas staircase collage

I was SO impressed with how festive the place was from top to bottom.  Decorating four floors would be a bit of a challenge, but they accomplished it beautifully.  Little festive touches were everywhere. Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Christmasbasement collage



From the basement filled with several trees and rustic decorations … Anyone else think that fireplace is calling their name?  Fully stocked bookshelves are sitting nearby just waiting for you to sit down for awhile.Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Christmas dining room collage

Especially the extended dining room was filled with a variety of decorations that reflect the spirit of the season.

Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Christmas Around the House Collage



While the bedrooms also had a few decorations, I decided to save those rooms for another time.  I would not want to give away all of their secrets yet, would I? 🙂

Prairie Creek Inn Bed & Breakfast Sign Christmas Collage

If you are looking for a quiet place to stay near Lincoln, I would highly recommend this bed and breakfast.  The great news is that they have gift certificates available.  (I am really hoping that someone is still going to buy a gift for me sees this post – wouldn’t that be a fun present!)  Besides having the main house, they also have a cottage house and lake front cabin.  Plus lots of walking trails across their many, many acres.  If you are not looking for lodging right now, I would recommend arranging a tour.  For a nominal fee, they will even provide a tea with your tour.  Prairie Creek Inn is worth exploring!

Author: neodyssey