Maybe the gigantic cotton ball clouds were the reason.  Or maybe because of the company – that was the first day in forever that my BFF from high school and I got to spend together without kids -maybe even before we started having kids (that was 18 years ago for her – 13 for me!) Perhaps a bit of the warm sunny feeling had to do with the location itself – The Filley Stone Barn is spectacular.  Whatever the rationale, these photographs are some of the favorite ones I have ever taken.  Originally I was just going to show you one of the pictures.  But I like all of them too much to play favorites. Okay – I did narrow it down a little bit.  Including my feature image, here are ten of my favorite pictures of the barn and surrounding area.  Other than adding my watermark, the pictures are completely unedited.


Filley Stone Barn plus the wildflowers



To get a stamp for this Nebraska passport location, you do need to go into the town of Filley and stop by the Tavern.

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