1401 “O” Street was once the spot of Luke Lavender’s Cabin. He was one of the early settlers in this town once known as Lancaster. This was before there were really streets. Digging your own well was required.  Luke Lavender was an early judge. His land became a critical part of the new Capital City. But as you will discover if you read A History Lover’s Guide to Lincoln, he may not have been very well liked for awhile.

For me, I remember this location as McDonalds. Why this sticks out in my memory so much I am not sure. This was not a place we frequented when I was a child, and I am not sure that we went downtown very often.

I am not sure at what point the plaque went up.  But I am convinced that many, many people have passed by without stopping to recognize the significance of what once was here.  Until I was walking by on the way to the library last summer, I am not sure that I had really seen the plaque myself.

Luke Lavender's Cabin

Today this location is the home of Sandy’s. They are known for their Elk Creek drinks. I have not been inside, so I cannot personally recommend that you check them out. But I did like the art that was created at their location after they had to protect their building during the time of rioting.


For more on the life of Luke Lavender, you can also read this article.

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