I had a great idea. What if I posted a mystery Instagram picture every day then wrote a correlating blog post? If my book had come out during June, this might have worked. But everything (taxes, graduations, detassling, etc.) was pushed into July. I managed to keep up on Instagram, but writing new historical excerpts was certainly much more challenging. I still have several posts to get up, and I have several more that are unfinished. But, hey at least it is a start. I did promise to tell all of you the locations featured in my Instgram.



  1. Mural in the Nebraska Capitol.
  2. Former Nebraska State Fair Industrial Building (Lincoln planes were once built inside during the winter)
  3. Many fireworks were sold in the Haymarket area. This is the wall on the side of the Burkholder Project Building right by Ivanna Cone.
  4. The Capitol (but I already told you that)
  5. First United Methodist Church near Wesleyan (home of several patriotic windows) (This church is also known as First Church now – I keep calling it St. Paul UMC even though that church is downtown. I finally figured out why – it is on St. Paul Avenue. Funny how our minds work! Thanks, Pat, for helping me to correct my mistake!)
  6. (Not pictured) A view from Lincoln High 4th floor of the Capitol (post about Lincoln High Veterans)
  7. Old City Hall Building (The Acklie Fountain is located just outside)
  8. One of the Grand Manse murals (the former Federal Courthouse is on the third floor)
  9. Atop the former UNL Law Building – now connected to the University’s Architecture Hall
  10. The Lincoln Children’s Zoo train awning (post about the Chet Ager Building)
  11. The former UNL iron gates and fence (now in front of Memorial Stadium)
  12. First-Plymouth Church (post about the Carillon Tower)
  13. The Former Thompson Fountain Base (now in front of the Chet Ager Building)
  14. The Capitol Column Cap (Nebraska Capitol # 2) – now at the Sunken Gardens (more historic facts)
  15. Mike Johanns on East Campus (Behind the Dairy Store)
  16. (Not pictured) the Rose Colored Windows that are found in the former Stuart Building – now the Rococo Theatre (post about its restoration)
  17. (Not pictured) The Haymarket Humane Society Fountain Sign
  18. (Not pictured) The Creamery Building in the Haymarket
  19. (Not pictured) White Hall stained glass window – post to come about the religious training schools in Lincoln
  20. The Library of Congress Map (already identified) – post to come about what I learned from writing the book
  21. Bethany Library used to be located down the street in the former Bethany Bank (now Gratitude Cafe); The Lux Center for the Arts is found in the former University Place City Hall
  22. (Not pictured) the former Herpolsheimer’s Department Store (will verify spelling)
  23. Mueller Tower on UNL Campus (nearby I took many pictures at Morrill Hall for the book because of the waving flag!)
  24. Not pictured – the Commercial Club – today the location of downtown Misty’s
  25. The former Whittier Junior High School Auditorium
  26. BONUS POST Francie & Finch interior (post about architect Thomas Kimball in Lincoln)
  27. First Baptist Church (yes, they went modern) – celebrating the efforts of one Lincoln historian
  28. Ebenezer Baptist Church
  29. The Secret Garden – Bennett Martin (post about the downtown Lincoln library)
  30. The Floral Park – today First Presbyterian Church
  31. Luke Lavender Cabin Plaque is located on the Northeast corner of 14th and O on the Sandy’s front brick
  32. The State Penitentiary (yes, it was quite the elegant place!)

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My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.