This post should be called “Wednesday Wiped Out.”  You see, our homeschool started on Monday.  Due to a crazy summer of baseball, starting a business and who knows what all else (pretty sure I blocked a bunch out!), I am still in planning mode.  I had enough ready for this week, but I like having my planning done for the year.  Well, that aint happenin’ anytime soon!  (Maybe I should add grammar refresher course to my schedule …)  So anyway, back to Nebraska.

Over a week later, I am finally providing the links to all of the places hinted about in the NET “Discovering Nebraska” post.   Just in case you did not get a chance to watch the show, here is another picture of the places mentioned with an added key telling the names of the destinations.

Discovering Nebraska Places Collage

  1. Neligh TK Star-lite Drive-In Theater
  2. Gothenburg Pony Express Station
  3. Winnebago Honoring-the-Clans Sculpture Garden
  4. The Most Unlikely Place
  5. Happy Jack Chalk Mine
  6. Five Rocks Ampitheater

The featured image is from Wessels Living History Farm, a place that we thoroughly enjoyed visiting.  That is another location featured in the video.  Another fun place that I hope to go someday? Robidoux Trading Post out in Western Nebraska.

Remember that the original post is connected with my current Nebraskaland Magazine giveaway.  All you need to do is comment below with which place across Nebraska that you have either enjoyed or would like to visit someday.

As for other fun events that I have gotten to do around Nebraska lately?  I did enjoy lunch at “Honest Abe’s” with Lisa and Tim of the The Walking Tourists.  Such a fun couple!  If you are not an official fan of theirs yet, you definitely need to be!  You can sign up to have their latest posts sent directly to your inbox or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

I do hope to continue posting here once a week throughout the school year, but I think my focus may switch to “Nebraska past” – I have missed my Friday Flashback posts.  Of course, I will share about our upcoming destinations.  We will be fitting in a few field trips this year as we travel around the world from our home.  (Think area ethnic locations!)  And I know I have another giveaway or two in store.  In fact, I have another one planned next week.  🙂

Thank you for being a part of my “Odyssey Through Nebraska” community.  I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you!

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