Setting a January 15th book deadline definitely will direct Christmas break.  Hours have been spent at my computer, writing and re-writing sentences.  Frankly, all of it is a blur at the moment.  But I am trying to keep going.  I am rather relieved to have an excuse to take the next few days off.  This project has zapped my creative energy.  Or I should say that my creativity is reserved for bringing Nebraska to life on my screen.   This blog has had to be pushed to the back burner.  But I still wanted to spread some Christmas cheer to my readers.

This time I will end my Christmas blog posts in a different way: in song.  While I do like singing, I am not going to be the vocalist.  Figuring out to film myself and post a song online is far more than I can handle at the moment.  Instead I will stick to the professionals.

Mulberry Lane is a group of sisters who are involved in the music scenes.  I am not sure that their song encompasses all of what Christmas in Nebraska means for me.  (For one thing, church and celebrating Jesus’ birth is rather important).  Yet I think they do a pretty good job of expressing the simplicity of Christmas celebrated in this state.  Christmas is Nebraska is where I want to be!



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