What is a girl supposed to do when most of her pictures disappear after a photo transfer?  And when the initial suggestions from a helpful Apple support chaat person do not work.  Especially if these pictures were the ones that she has been saving to post this EXACT week.  While I have other topics that I could have written about, this is the place where I wanted the blog to go.  Being the rather persistent person that I am, I forged ahead despite the technological blunders.

2008 Applejack Festival in Nebraska City


Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

Thankfully, thanks to Visit Nebraska’s Photo Gallery, I can still show you pictures of where I wanted to take you.  Nope – I do not know any of these people.  Nor was I there that day (I was a few weeks away from having baby # 4 – an orchard would not have interested me).    You will notice that I am not going to tell you much about the our adventure (see, stubborn), so that someday I can give you the full experience with my pictures.  And if I never do recover them, I have a back-up.  My friend, Suzy and her family joined us on the day that our family toured NEBRASKA CITY.

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

Really, toured is a misnomer.  This small town has SO much to offer that we did not even make half of the area attractions.  But we did enjoy going through the Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure.  That was where all of my great pictures, the ones that are currently hiding somewhere on my hard drive, were taken.  And also that place was the picture that I shared yesterday (again from Nebraska Tourism) for the Wordless Wednesday.  That is the giant tree house that you can climb up several floors to really enjoy the view!

Photo Credit: Nebraska Tourism

Why am I insisting on this post this week?  Because this is the week-end of the Apple Jack Festival.  This annual celebration of harvest features SO many events that you could keep busy the whole three days.  Craft fairs.  Food.  Educational opportunities for the kids.  Fun run.  Concerts.  Carnival.  Car Show.  Pancake Feed.  Church Service.  Options.  Many options.

I know that I am hopeful that our family will make it at some point in the week-end.  I think it will be an “apple-lutely” good time.  And at some point, hopefully I will get to show you pictures from the Arbor Day Farm Tree Adventure – an absolutely fantastic place to take the family!

P.S. A BIG THANK YOU to Nebraska Tourism for allowing writers access to such great photographs!  I could not have written this post without you.  Original photographs to come eventually …

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