This week we went to visit the “Cowboy Exhibit” at the Nebraska History Museum.  I was under the impression that the display was almost done, but we found out that it is actually over January 5, 2015.  So, you have plenty of time to go wander through and see what being a cowboy was like in Nebraska.  I plan on going into a bit of the history of the cowboy in Nebraska tomorrow.  (I do not want to tell too much otherwise you may not want to take the time to see for yourself!)

I posted SO many pictures yesterday that I decided I should post them again in smaller size on this post.  That way you can see if you guessed any of the items correctly.  How did you do at guessing?

1-1-14 where were we 8

Spurring you on …

Cowboy Exhibit Spurs

1-1-14 where were we 7

Cowboy Exhibit Lift-the-Flaps

Lift-the-flap for grown-ups!  (Close up on the lariat – the fun way to learn a bit about cowboy terminology.)

1-1-14 where were we 6

Where the buffalo roam …

Cowboy Exhibit Buffalo Painting

1-1-14 where were we 5

That chaps my hide (or doesn’t?)

Cowboy Exhibit Chaps

1-1-14 where were we 4

What brand would you like to wear?

Cowboy Exhibit Brands

1-1-14 where were we 3

One of the many cowboy inventions ..

Cowboy Exhibit Invention

1-1-14 where were we 2

Shiny buckles … (Below picture taken by my K – she begged to have a photo be on the blog – I only helped her a little bit! 🙂

Cowboy Exhibit Saddles

1-1-14 where were we

Fake flames that would not light up the night or cook the food so well …

Cowboy Exhibit Campfire

Down on the first level, they have displays on Nebraska cowboys in the movies.  They also have an area where kids can “play cowboy.”

Cowboy Exhibit Ride -Em Cowboy

We will definitely be visiting again when we are studying cowboys!

P.S. Our kids have been really into building things with legos.  Our middle son decided to build a cowboy building.  He was making a saloon (not that he really knows what that is …)  I convinced him that it works just as well as a corral and barn!  Much more useful for the cowboy in the long run!

Cowboy Dominoes  Cowboy Dominoes 2


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