This month I have been celebrating my “BloGIVErsary.”  Hopefully you have already entered to win free coffee, and next Tuesday I will be telling about the one last great giveaway.  Due to a blog challenge, I decided to add one more bonus contest: Nebraska history trivia.  While the other giveaways have kindly been donated, this time I would switch it up.  If there are enough entries, I will figure out some sort of fun prize to send to the winner.  This contest will involve e-mail, rather than Rafflecopter, so I will figure out a way to randomize the winner.

Anyway, we were challenged to do a “Throwback.”  Since I just wrote about my favorite 10 favorite Nebraska Odyssey posts from year one earlier this month, I wanted to go a slightly different direction.  Instead of having you read a previous post, I am going to challenge you to play a game of Nebraska History trivia.

I must admit I am a big trivia fan.  To be honest, my supper prep hour almost always involves Jeopardy.  I guess it is not surprising that some of this interest does show up in my posts.  Especially when I am not homeschool planning, I really enjoy telling true tales on “Flashback Fridays.”  Taking on a story from long ago is always interesting to me.  As I have added some of you as readers over the last few months, maybe you missed some of the topics that I tackled.

Looking back, I decided to find a few of my favorite flashback posts. I invite you to look back with me for the answers.  Every single answer to the Nebraska history trivia questions below can be found on my blog.  Hint: if you use the “Nebraska history” category, I believe all of them should be in one of those posts.  When you write down your answers, please include the date of the post. Or you can write down the title of the post.  Please e-mail the answers to me at  If I get enough entries, I will send one random winner a prize.

Ten Nebraska History Questions (answers found in Flashback Friday posts)

  1. Many of the Nebraska counties were named in honor of Civil War serviceman.  Only one county was named in a honor of a woman.  Which Nebraska county?
  2. A Nebraska fort and a Nebraska county were both named for the same man.  Yet the places are spelled differently.  What is the correct spelling? Why was the name misspelled?
  3. Only a few sparse buildings remain of of a huge complex that used to be on the edge of the Capital City.  What place made an impact on our country but only really has a memorial sign to mark where it once was?
  4. One of my favorite Nebraska museums is up in the Northwest corner of the state.  This location is unique because it was built on the original site of a building that was operational before Nebraska was even officially a territory.  What is the name of that building?
  5. You can still take tours of one of the most impressive homes ever built in Nebraska.  The house was went up over a century ago.  This place even has its very own garden conservatory.  How long did they take to build this house?
  6. In the middle of a Lincoln neighborhood, homes now cover the site of a particular field.  Someone learned a skill there and then went on to have worldwide impact.  Who was he and what did he do?
  7. While this man was not a native Nebraskan, Scout’s Rest was his home and a great descriptor of his life.  From the Pony Express to army scout, he had quite the resume.  Who was he?
  8. Although they were trying to impress the Nebraska capital relocation committee, their plans backfired.  Possibly their sweet treat caused bitterness.  What was the name of the community and what did they do?
  9. Since Nebraska was not even a state until 1867, one would not anticipate that this type of travel would have ever happened here.  What cabin can you still visit that allows you to get a feeling for what being a “rider” might have been like?
  10. To persuade people to move into the state’s newest city, this man was one of three government officials who built a home in the town.  His house is the only one still standing.  What is the name of the house?

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our great state by playing Nebraska history trivia.  Next Saturday, I will announce the answers to the questions.  I will also let you know if I had enough entries to make a prize out of this game.


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