After a two week break, new episodes of Nebraska Stories are back!  And I have to say I think this episode is a good one!  These stories happen to be about learning to listen in unexpected ways.

The Thursday, March 23 “Nebraska Stories” episode includes these stories:

  • Follow along to Lyons and Imperial with Hear Nebraska co-founder Andrew Norman to hear original music performed by emerging musicians from Nebraska.  This is not the music one would expect to listen to in Nebraska.  I cannot imagine the planning that is involved for Andrew and his wife, Angela.  My hats off to them for their efforts.  Love how they are bringing communities together!
  • A look at Cornhusker archives with amateur Husker “archeologist” Paul “Jake” Jacobson of Wahoo.  This is the type of archeology that I could definitely get into.  How fun to know that you have quite the collection of sport stories right at your fingertips.
  • After years of preparation and three failed attempts, meet Lincoln climber Robert Kay who became the first Nebraskan to summit Mount Everest.  I have had the privilege of listening to Robert Kay speak.  His trek to the mountain is only part of the story.  For Kay and his wife, Nepal has captured their hearts.  I am glad that he was able to be the first Nebraskan to reach the summit.  I am equally as glad that he is home safe and back with his family!
  • For a 98 year-old Hastings man who lived through the Depression and drought of the 1930s, his memories of going without motivate him to bake pies for those in need. Oh the world would be a much better place if there were more people in the world like Leo.  The fact that he learned to listen to his heart and recognized the need to give to others has to have contributed to his longevity.   How could you not be inspired by a man who gives back continually?  And what a sweet way to do so!  Baking with love – what a great slogan too!
  • Dig along with University of Nebraska-Lincoln students diagnosing dirt near Pawnee Lake.  Who knew that you can learn so much about living conditions from examining the soil.  One could almost say that they are listening to what the dirt has to say.  Okay, they probably would not take it that far, but I did think this was an interesting contest.

Remember – if you are unable to watch the show live, you can watch all of the segments on the Nebraska Stories site.



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