Thirteen years ago about this time, I was getting back from a walk with my neighbor.  Her husband came out to tell us that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, a building I was completely unfamiliar with.  Initially I felt sorry for the pilot and thought the event would be a blip on the radar.  Little did I know that that date, 9-11 would forever be etched into my memory.

I still remember with a sadness.  Probably only a twinge compared to the agony that seeing this date on the calendar brings to many.  Husbands and wives forced to move on.  Children called to grow up without a parent.  Loss of friends.  Here in Nebraska not as many people were directly affected as out in the East Coast.  Yet still we remember.

9-11 Flag

Across the state, parades and other remembrance events are planned every year.  They do not always take place directly on the day, so you will want to plan ahead.  Even in the middle of the country, we still remember the events that took place on the East Coast thirteen years ago.

One location that has a permanent display commemorating the events of 9-11 is the Strategic Air and Space Museum near Ashland.  A special program is taking place this Saturday.  On September 13th, a special art exhibit entitled the “Tie Towers” will also have its premiere.  This exhibit was created by a Nebraska veteran and will be on display through Veteran’s Day.   One part of the permanent exhibit that is often displayed is the massive signature 9-11 flag.  I happened to take the photograph in the fall of 2013, and the flag was still up on one of the South Hangar walls the last time that I visited the museum.

Additional Events by Area:

Albion Freedom Walk

Bellevue Memorial Ceremony

Lincoln Area Events

Omaha Area Events

Are there any additional events taking place in your Nebraska community?  Please comment below or put a link on the Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page.



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