Our family looks forward to summer for multiple reasons.  School vacation.  Warmer weather.  Baseball.  Outings.  We tend to go to LOTS of places when school is not in session.  This year was no exception.  Our focus this time: going to every single location on “Lincoln: Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown Program.”  Thirty-two places.

This is a goal we could not have done when the kids were younger.  After all, when strollers and naptime is involved, life is more complicated.  But now that my youngest is five, we can be on many more adventures before the kids are ready to be done.  Several days we would stop at more than one place.

With all of the effort that we did, I was definitely hopeful to have a winner.  Twice my youngest son has won a prize.  I posted on his experiences last year.  This time, our oldest won!  Tonight we went to the celebration dinner downtown at the Lincoln Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Passport Winners

This year Runza sponsored the dinner.  We had our choice of plain or cheese Runzas, along with potato chips and their delicious chocolate chip cookies.  Russ’ Market Grocery Store provided cans of pop and bottled water.  All prizes were completely donated by Lincoln area businesses.  So many great giveaways including hotel stays, tickets to shows, food certificates and even gas cards to go more places.


My son was very excited about the prize that he won.  Passes to the Lincoln Children’s Museum that we can all use along with a gift certificate to Licorice International will both be fun to use on an upcoming downtown trip.  His favorite prize though would have to be the tablet.  He loves to keep up with sports scores, so I am pretty sure this was be an enjoyable thing for him to own.  I am so glad that Lincoln continues to do this great hometown program.  Going to all 32 places was fun.  Winning a prize was definitely the cherry on top for our son!

P.S. Tomorrow in a special Friday Photography edition I will reveal where yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday can be found.  Hint: the place had more to offer than just the drink mix display that I was expecting!


Author: neodyssey