Omaha Children's Museum entrance

Guessing my place from yesterday was a bit easy if you have ventured through the doors of the Omaha Children’s Museum.  And if you have little kids and have never been there, this place is a must!  To be honest, we have not been for several years, and my kids still ask when we can go back.  They were not thrilled when we pulled into the parking lot, so I could take this picture since we didn’t get to go inside.  (The place was closed already – what can you do? 🙂  )

Name/Location Omaha Children’s Museum 500 S.20th near downtown Omaha
Open hours/Contacts Winter: 10-4 T-F; Sat 9-5, Sun. 1-5; Monday closed   Facebook
 Cost Adults & kids are $9; Seniors are $8; many memberships types (including educational)
What to Know Rotating special exhibits;
Group Tours Younger kids 2 hour play $7 and themed events for older ones
Museum Manners This is paradise for hands-on learners! Common courtesy is the only guide – not being too rough on materials and remembering to share!
Recommended Ages Birth and up – opportunities for fun for all ages

Since we have not been to the museum in awhile, all of my pictures are from awhile ago.  They made me feel a bit sentimental – my baby in the pictures is about to turn five!  Time does pass quickly.  So here are some pictures (that were initially on yesterday’s blog) that were favorite events of my kids.

Z man

The ball area – definitely the favorite section for my kids every time we have visited.  They would spend hours dropping all of the balls into the little slots and watch them move.  Quite the active (and maybe a bit noisy) room!

play for I

They have a room just for little ones.  A room that my kids have outgrown (sniffle, sigh – yet thankful to be done with diapers!)  Anyway, you cannot even wear shoes in the toddler area – they do their best to keep everything really clean.  And fun.  And interactive.

water time

The kids always love the water area!  I do if it is summer – not so much in the winter (hate bringing wet kids out into the cold!)

G is a fireman

Dressing up is so much more fun when you can climb on a fire truck!

This photo was taken directly from the website.  I am pretty sure we will be making it back there before this exhibit closes.  This looks like a fun one!

What do your kids enjoy about the Omaha Children’s Museum?

P.S. We will be camping out in Omaha for a few weeks.  (Unfortunately not literally, but at least in the blog world! 🙂 )  Thought this city was fitting for the month of October!  So stay tuned for some great family activity ideas and places to eat.  Plus Kim from OhMy! Omaha is going to be giving us her take on Omaha family fun!

Omaha sign


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