Perhaps touring a farm is not in your near future.  But you can definitely read more about farming and agriculture, no matter where you are .

If You’re Not From the Prairie … by David Bouchard

Tractor Day by Candice Ransom

 Tractor by Craig Brown (beautiful illustrations!)

A Cow’s Alfafa-bet by Woody Jackson

Chicken, Chicken, Duck by Nadia Krilanovich (animal sounds)

Heartland by Diane Siebert (lovely!)

There is absolutely no educational value in this next book, but the entertainment value is high.  This is one of my 8 year old’s absolutely favorite books.  Still.

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows by Katy Duffield

P.S. If you live in the Lincoln area, I have a longer list of book titles that our library has for checkout.   Please just e-mail for the titles.   Many of the books were rather expensive to purchase now.  For simplicity’s sake, I used Amazon book links, so you could see the covers as well as the titles.

Author: neodyssey