Growing up, my school did not ever have spring break that I can recall.  We always took a few days off around Easter, but our main time off during March was during state basketball.  Almost every year, we would have the first and second Fridays off in March for the state tournament.  If our teams happened to make the tournament, we would often get Thursday off as well.  Those were fun times!

The Boys State Basketball Championships are happening right now in Lincoln.  This year I have several teams that I would love to see make it into the championships. (In fact, one game that I am curious about is the Winnebago-West Holt game, which is incidentally at a sellout crowd!  Did you get a chance to watch Bago Boys yet?  Not know what I am talking about?  Follow the link below!   If you are also into following the tournament, did you know that you can check scores live?   You can also catch the scores on Facebookor on Twitter.  Quite the far cry from when I was in high school, and we had to catch games on AM radio.  Well, if you are in town for the games, I hope your team does well.  Personally I cannot think of a better way to spend spring break!

Author: neodyssey

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