As a part of our studies on Native Americans, we have been reading through this paperback book.  This inexpensive paperback is FULL of well-researched information about the indigenous people of  Nebraska.  I feel like I had a decent background of information from my own schooling, but I have learned a lot through our focus on this topic.

Without giving away any of her information, here is a topical list of just one item from each letter that her book includes.  (The “a” page alone has ten short paragraphs on people, places or items that affected Nebraska Native Americans).  The items that comprise my list are ones that either I was formerly unfamiliar with or where she definitively expanded my knowledge.

  1. Adze
  2. Buckskin (how it was made)
  3. Contact Period
  4. Dramatic Hair
  5. Effigy
  6. Fetish
  7. Gorgets
  8. Horse Creek Treaty
  9. Ioway
  10. Judicial Termination
  11. Killed Pottery
  12. “Lost the Corn”
  13. Massacre Canyon
  14. Name changes
  15. Oil from the bear
  16. Papoose (true definition and use)
  17. Quirt
  18. Rawhide (true definition and use)
  19. Shun-ka wakan
  20. Thunderbird
  21. Upper Republican Culture
  22. Vesperic Indians
  23. Winnebago Way
  24. Xenophobic
  25. Y (Thought provoking questions)
  26. Zounds

So there you have the list.  To find out more, I would definitely recommend getting a hold of this book.  Plus, several activities and fun reproducible worksheets are included in the back – a definite bonus!



Author: neodyssey