Not sure if you feel the same way, but I often I find myself falling behind. Perhaps that is to be expected with all that is going on.  I know for me that this week’s snow day was a gift.  Since our kids were at my parent’s house, I had a bit of margin.  Maybe you also need time to catch up.  This week’s Nebraska’s Stories episode is for you.  All of the segments are archival ones, but they are combined together with a common them.  I think you will enjoy these stories that are “made by hand.”  This episode airs live at 8:00 pm tonight. (1/25)  The italicized quotes are the show notes, and the regular type contains my opinions on the segments.

Making Paint Move”   (Archive 303 / 711)

Michael Burton is a painter who turns his art into stop-motion animation or what Burton calls ‘paintamation.’ His work is fascinating and incredibly wonderful.  Combining art and animation would have never occurred to me.  Burton’s art is made by hand on multiple levels.  His style is definitely unique and watching his creative combinations is inspiring.

“Made by Hand/Delivered by Bike”     (Archive 501)

He calls himself “Johnny Salsa” and he’s one of Lincoln’s hottest entrepreneurs. The spicy homemade salsa mix was passed down from his Mexican grandmother and if you want a jar he will deliver it personally—by bike.  Our family is big fans of salsa.  Watching part of Johnny’s process has convinced me that his salsa must be delicious.  I tried to search to see if his salsa is still available, and I could not find out an answer.  But I do plan on searching at local grocery stores in hopes to find it.

“The Saddle Maker” –     (Archive 703)

Lyle Henderson is a second generation saddle maker. Together with his wife, Lynda, the Henderson’s are turning a long-time tradition into an international business.  This cowboy is headin’ up!  After this episode, I am convinced that creating saddles should equate with art.  At least when they are made by Lyle Henderson.

Cosmic Films” – (Archive 801)

As a boy, Bill Hedges worked at his small town’s movie theater as a projectionist. Later in life, after the theater had closed, the longtime Lyons resident bought the space and began converting it into his own personal film studio. The sci-fi buff has built sets for all kinds of futuristic scenes, a veritable cosmic playground in which to shoot a sci-fi TV series co-starring his cat.   Bill Hedges’ films are definitely unique features made by hand.  In case you are wanting to see any of his videos, he does have his own YouTube channel.

“New Fans for Old Golf” – (Archive 713)

Meet golfers who’ve tossed their modern clubs out for a set antique irons and woods made from hickory and hand-forged steel.  Hickory Golf is experiencing a resurgence and Omaha is leading the way.  While I am not a golfer, this style of game does intrigue me.  Clubs made by hand would have to add to the experience.

Made by Hand

Which other items do you enjoy that are made by hand in Nebraska?


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