With many locations in Nebraska, Walgreens has already made its mark across the state.  Tomorrow they hope to help our state become “seriously silly” with the 2nd annual Red Nose Day.  This event helps to prevent childhood poverty across the United States and even some of the poorer parts of the world.  This campaign is a fun way to demonstrate the need to support impoverished people, and I am highlighting their efforts because I feel this cause is important.

Walgreens #RedNoseDay in Nebraska Collage

A few weeks ago, the celebration began early when a new mural went up in Omaha that celebrates “Red Nose Day” across Nebraska in a visual way.  Local Omaha sign painter, Sharon Davis along with muralist, Maggie Weber,  made their mark on the side of the building at 4556 Leavenworth in Omaha.  Although I was invited to the party, I was unable to go, so I was excited when they passed on pictures for me to share with you.  I think that the finished mural turned out amazing.

Walgreens #RedNoseDay in Nebraska Finished MuralThe official “Red Nose Day” for 2016 is happening on Thursday May 26th across the United States.  Check out all of the bling at your local Walgreens that is available – proceeds of the specific items purchased will go toward the efforts of the “Red Nose Day Fund.”  If you do happen to join in the fun, make sure you tag any social media posts with #RedNoseDay.  For more information and to see videos of how this special day has been observed across the United States, please visit the Red Nose Day page.  For Nebraska’s specific contribution, I know you will enjoy watching the video below.


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