Perhaps this is not what you expected for our first summer destination.  A donation center?  Originally this was not what I had in mind either.  Yet when I think of our state’s official motto, “Visit Nebraska, Visit Nice, ” I think we have gained this reputation from thinking of others.  Nebraska does not just have towns or cities – instead we have communities.  Fairly often you will see community benefits put into place helping those who are going through a hard time.

For our family, “Nebraska Nice” means that we usually choose to donate to those in need rather than having garage sales.  Obviously there is nothing wrong with going the route of trying to sell unwanted items, but I know that for us, we have been blessed SO much that I want to pass it on.  The People’s City Mission was my intended destination, but unfortunately I did not make it there before closing.  (I had to be satisfied with a drive by!)  I guess that I will just have to continue to add to our donation pile that is already overflowing!  Just down the street from the donation center are several other charities that also help those in need.  Lots of opportunities to pay it forward.

This week, Nebraska’s two largest cities have days set aside to allow people to give to charity in an even larger way.  #Giveto____ days definitely help to maximize donations more.  Starting tonight (5/25/16) at midnight, you can donate to your favorites charities that benefit the Omaha area.  Based on the donations receive, each organization gets a portion of the matching grants.  To help out Lincoln groups, you can donate starting tomorrow night at midnight and throughout the day on Thursday 5/26/16.   On this blog, I have told you about several of these great groups. To learn more about how to donate, please click on either city below.

Omaha Gives

Give to Lincoln

Tomorrow I will be telling you all about another possibility to assist those who need a helping hand by simply clowning around!  Until then, how do you practice being “Nebraska Nice?”  Please comment below or on my Odyssey Through Nebraska Facebook page.







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