A new affiliate cookbook link? Third time’s a charm? We are once again cooking around the United States as we study U.S. History.  Actually this is something that my homeschool students (AKA my kids) wanted to do again.  So evidently we have created some fun memories.

The first time we did this cooking project, my oldest was in 1st grade.  That was long before the blogging days, and I had 4 kids under the age of 7.  I cannot exactly remember what all I fixed – some of it might have been easy.  I do know that we read an alphabet book for every state.  Plus we went in alphabetical order.  (“A” and “N” were busy weeks!)  Technically this should have been cooking part one.  But that was several years before I started blogging.

By the time we studied U.S. history again, my oldest was in 6th grade.  As for the others – K, 2 and 4 – easy to remember.  When we completed the U.S. Cooking project that time, we prepared meals in chronological order.  To avoid having to prepare 13 meals in one week, we did start the project a bit early.  By then, I had been blogging for a year.  I decided to tell you all about the cooking experience and posted quite a few times about our progress.  Plus I created a Cooking Around the United States Pinterest Board to organize the recipes.

Now my oldest is in 10th grade. While he is often too busy to help too much with the prep work, the other three have become excellent sous chefs.  Cooking is definitely a skill that I hope my kids learn while at home.  We are again cooking in chronological order.  Although some prep work is involved, meal planning is a bit easier.  While I am using some recipes from last time, I did decide to get another United States cookbook.  (I do recommend this one.  If you decide to purchase it by clicking on the link, you are supporting this blog.  Thank you for that.)  I am not sure if we will cook every recipe.  But we will try many of them because they look so delicious.

Although I had fun posting last time about the meals, this time I decided to take a different approach.  Instead I am going to start sharing about our meals once a week on Facebook.  You can start looking for #TastyTuesday posts starting next week.  Even though extra dishes are required, I am excited about this cooking project.

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