Is anyone else struggling with the fact that summer is finishing up?  While routine does appeal to me, finishing up the days where light lingers and time seems to stretch out saddens me.  Our summer came to an interesting end.  Rather than completely being back to school, we are finishing up our last week in August up in Alaska.  Yes, you read this correctly.  And if I did not have family and a life here,  I definitely might be persuaded to start a new blog: Odyssey Through Alaska.  After seeing this one picture on Instagram, do you blame me? 🙂  The scenery is amazing, and I hope to go back again someday.

While most Nebraskans are back in school, some may still be finishing up plans for an epic Labor Day weekend.  Although I will not be joining in on any of these local adventures, I thought it might be fun to share what some of my Nebraska travel friends have been up to lately.  In case you are determining where you want to travel across Nebraska, here are some great possibilities.

A long Labor Day week-end allows enough time to travel a bit farther.  What is fun about this post is the fact that my friends, Tim and Lisa, at The Walking Tourists were able to stretch a three day adventure into a five day excursion.  What might even better is that this post is all about their first ever visit to Chimney Rock and beyond.  While the title may only mention one location, their post covers several great possibilities.  If you are able to get out to western Nebraska soon, this post could help you plan your adventures.

Now this next adventure is one that definitely needs to happen during warmer weather.  When leaves are finishing falling from the trees is no time to climb into a Nebraska river.  Brrr.  But during the hot, humid months, bring on the paddling possibilities.  My friend, Sara, experienced the joy of tanking.

The Stuhr Museum is always a great Nebraska destination, but during the summer, the experience is even better.  Most days in June, July and August, portrayals take place that bring you back almost 140 years to when Grand Island was a newer town.  My friend, Lindsey, has some great reflections.

Visit the Stuhr Museum

Ever since I started blogging, our family has purchased a Nebraska Game and Parks state park pass.  At under $30, this might be the best investment you could make in traveling across Nebraska.  Over the past five years, some of my favorite memories have been made at the park.  My friend Kim, at Oh My! Omaha, wrote a post about some of the fun new changes happening in some of the eastern state parks.  Finishing your summer with one of these new possibilities would be rather fun.

And to take the whole state park adventure to another level, have you considered glamping?

Anyone else have any great plans for finishing off summer with a flourish?  Please comment below!




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