Nebraska History Museum State Beginnings

Francis Burt.  A name not too many Nebraskans recognize even though he was the first territorial governor.  Of course, he only was in office for several days.  The long trip West did him in.  Literally.

The Nebraska State Seal.  Just what all is involved in the pictures that represent us?  Seeing the image in color helps expand on the details.  These are just a few of the displays that tell us about Nebraska after our state entered the Union.

Nebraska History Museum FarmingAgriculture is represented.

Nebraska History Museum Artifact CollageImportant life details such as mortar and pestle for crushing poppy seeds.  A patriotic hammer.  An authentic Victorian-era hair wreath – THE way to represent your loved ones back then.  A hand-carved wonder.

Nebraska History Museum Political IdeologyPolitical ideologies.

Nebraska History Museum Lincoln HighwayRemembrances from the Lincoln Highway.

Nebraska History Museum Kids CollageSome of the items my kids especially appreciated.

Nebraska History Museum General StoreExploring the former Seward General store that was run by the Goehner brothers at the turn of last century is always interesting.  These are just some of the displays that you can enjoy seeing at the “Nebraska Enters the Union” display at the Nebraska History Museum.

While my kids enjoy these displays, they especially enjoy exploring the Kids Discovery Zone that is located on the main floor.  Open 1-4 daily, this is the room that captures their imagination and allows them to experience history firsthand.

Nebraska History Museum Kids Discovery CollageI hope my tours this week have inspired you to take your own!

Nebraska History Museum 

131 Centennial Mall North (15th & P Streets), Lincoln

Hours: 9-4:30, Monday-Friday; 1-4:30 Saturday – Sunday

Free admission 402-471-4782

Author: neodyssey