A few weeks ago, I announced the upcoming park locations that are a part of the 2020 Great Park Pursuit that happens every year in Nebraska. Due to the current national pandemic, the typical post spottings are not supposed to be happening yet.  In the meantime, over the week-end, the Nebraska Game and Parks introduced a whole lot of ideas of outdoor activities to do at home in your backyard.  This is the list that you can print out to keep track of your challenges.

NEGP Backyard Challenge Activity Sheets

Although we have yet to post any pictures of our backyard activities, our family has already completed these challenges.

  • # 3 Build a backyard campfire. (Hooray for our new fire pit that my husband made of a tractor tire rim)
  • # 6 Not surprisingly, our family’s current favorite dessert is now made in the backyard. We have had s’mores several times
  • #10 Pollinator garden. I think we have plants that fit this criteria. To be honest, I have had a lot of help with our flowers, and many were already here when we moved on to this property.  But I have seen bees flying around our garden, so I think this one counts.

Outdoor fire pit

Which ones on the list do you want to try? Are you going to participate in the Nebraska Game and Parks Backyard Challenges?

For more additional backyard and outdoor activities, please check out the Nebraska Game and Parks activities page.

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