Tomorrow, Sunday May 24th, is National Scavenger Hunt day.  Right now, we can only attend so many events. But we can still drive around town.  Why not get out and try to find these dozen places that are found are Lincoln, Nebraska?  I will even give you a hint – all of the locations this time are located west of 40th Street.

Lincoln Scavenger Hunt

To make the hunt easier, you can print out this hunt!

Dozen Lincoln Places Scavenger Hunt

While there are plenty of national websites charge for supposedly fun local scavenger hunts, I prefer to stick to the hunts organized by locals. Why would I want to pay money to people who maybe have never even been to my town?  Several free family hunts can be found online.

Other Midwest Scavenger Hunts

My friend, Julie, over at Family Fun in Omaha has created an Omaha picture scavenger hunt.  If you lived outside of the big O, the site includes bunch of generic scavenger hunts that you can complete.  She has an outdoor scavenger hunt and a neighborhood one. For rainy days, try the indoor scavenger hunts. Preschool scavenger hunts that include the alphabet, color and shapes.

If you happen to live in the Sioux City area, my friend, Lindsay of Siouxland Families has created the ultimate city outdoor scavenger hunt complete with prizes.  To learn more, please visit her site or watch the video clip found in this newspaper story.

Siouxland Families Hunt

Other basic hunts

Thanks to these Nebraska organizations for planning for family fun!

Lancaster County Extension Office Garden Hunt

Nebraska Game & Parks Presents Colors and Shapes to Find

If you do take the time to find the Lincoln locations pictured, I would love to have your feedback.  Were they easy to find?  Hard to locate?  In case you cannot find a few of the locations, I will be giving hints tomorrow on my Facebook page.  Look for a 3:00 post.  If you happen to be doing this hunt after May 24th, I will label it as #dozenLincolnlocations and #scavengerhunt, so you should be able to still find the key.

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My name is Gretchen Garrison. I started this blog about Nebraska in 2013. So far, I have written three books about Nebraska and Lincoln.