Odyssey Shipwreck Adventures Collage This is the last week-end for the Durham Museum in Omaha’s Odyssey’s Shipwreck: Pirates and Treasure Exhibit.  Our family greatly enjoyed exploring this exhibit.  Very interesting to see all of the shipwrecks that the Odyssey has helped to recover.

Durham Museum Odyssey Shipwreck Artifacts


Besides getting to learn more about the explored ships, they also had many recovered artifacts on display.  I was amazed at how many of the items almost looked “new,” despite being quite old.  Guess that shows that when the  preservation process is completed properly, the artifacts will last.

Durham Museum Large Scale Odyssey Project

What else was interesting was getting to see some of the larger items that they use for exploring including at least part of the Odyssey itself.  Plus getting to see a large scale view of an area that needs to be excavated – the kids enjoyed trying to pick out various treasures from among the debris.

Omaha Durham Museum Hurricane Cubicle Collage


The other fun area that we all tried was the hurricane simulator.  Nothing like having wind speeds of 80 m.p.h going around your head.

Durham Museum Shipwrecks for Kids Collage

I also appreciated the fact that they had a special area for kids, explaining how they can be a part of the conservation aspects.  My kids all really enjoyed trying to scoop up the “treasure” from the “seabed floor” with an actual computer operated tool.

If you have ever wanted to be marine archeologist or even a treasure hunter in Nebraska, your time is almost up to have this firsthand experience.

Look at my cute little pirate.

Z the Pirate

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