The current exhibit entitled “Greater Nebraska” that is currently at Lux Center for the Arts has many different elements.  Now to be honest, I would not call every element family friendly, at least not for small children.  (I think some supervision and distraction just might be in order).  But there is much in the exhibit to appreciate and to contemplate.  Since the display is so diverse, you will definitely find a piece that will appeal to your sense of artistic impression.

Here are two of my favorite pieces:

Lux Word 1

“Three Season Porch” and “Scratch Track” were both created by Matthew Sontheimer.  Why they appealed to me?  I am not great at painting or sketching, but I do like to create with words.  So these two pieces appealed to my unique artistic side.

As for my kids, they definitely enjoyed the interactive art piece.

Lux Musical Piece and the kids

The mixed media creation by Jay Kriemer entitled “Bobbers” allows the viewer to interact with the subject.  (Finally I had to convince the staff member that perhaps turning the amplification off was a good idea! 🙂  They did have fun!)



Photo cropped directly from the Lux Website

One other display that would definitely qualify for Friday photography is the framed photographs by Katherine Endacott.  I first read about this local photographer in an article in the Lincoln Journal Star last fall.  Many months ago she started a Facebook page entitled, “Good Morning Pleasant Dale.”  Using her Android phone, she captures images from her country neighborhood.  A delightful collage of her framed photographs are a part of this exhibition.  You can also personally check out her Good Morning, Pleasant Dale! Facebook page to see more.

Author: neodyssey