On a cold blustery late winter day, we found our way down to Beatrice, Nebraska, to see the Homestead National Monument.  While we did look around a bit outside, I do hope that we can return on a nicer day.  This monument is a story of long ago and yet also not-so-distant past.

Homestead National Monument -Do You Live Near a HomesteadTomorrow, for Flashback Friday, I will get into the history of the Homestead Act.  Yet as we think of homesteading as happening in pioneer times, in all actuality, people were still homesteading less than 50 years ago.

As you walk into the building to see all of the displays, you can see outlines of all of the states which directly participated in homesteading.  I wish we could have traced all of them.  Of course, printing out and coloring a map might be simpler since tracing such large shapes would take A LOT of paper.

Homestead National Monument States

The next post will explain how, why and when the Homestead Act started in the United States.  If you do not know already, you will learn why this monument is found in Nebraska.  We found that this was a great place to explore.  I am looking forward to introducing this monument to you!


Author: neodyssey