Don’t you just want to disappear into the picture below and call it home?  While this looks peaceful, in my mind I can’t help but picturing stuff scattered everywhere because I am not sure that I could ever convince my kids to keep the room looking like this.  Sigh.  I swear that someday the phrase, “Clothes, Books and Shoes” is going to be written on my tombstone since that happens to be the phrase that I repeat more often.  If I could even eliminate these items, our house would be so much cleaner.  Along with all of the toys scattered everywhere.  Especially legos.  I have been told that someday I will miss stuff being scattered everywhere, but I am not convinced.  Certainly I will miss the children, but I am not so sure about all of their stuff.  Maybe I just need a designer AND a maid! 🙂

Interiors Joan and Associates Family Area

Anyway, enough of my personal lamenting and on to announcing the winner …

This time my sweet daughter had the honors of rolling for the winner (thank goodness for 20-sided dice) as she already has an eye for decoration and aesthetics.

Congratulations to Becky – you have just won two hours of consultation time with Jerome of Interiors Joan and Associates!  In her comment,  this was her initial thought in using the consultation …

My livingroom/ Dining room !!!! My whole house needs rearranged !!!

Becky, could you please e-mail me at, so I can help you make connections with him.  Also if you would like to take before and after pictures of the design results, I am certain my readers would enjoy seeing the finished results.  That part is optional of course – no matter what you are the winner!  Have fun!

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