Last Saturday afternoon might have been a bit of a blur for my family.  We fit in 3 different places in less than 2 hours.  Since we sadly had to miss Lincoln’s Zoobilee due to an annual engagement (a fun, fun picnic with great families), so I consoled myself by taking everyone to 3 different Omaha exhibits that were about to close.  The Allen Say illustrator exhibit at the Joslyn Art Museum finished a few days ago and was definitely worth the visit.  Next week, I will tell you about the final place that we enjoyed at the end of the afternoon.  I almost saved our middle location for a Wordless Wednesday, but I decided unless you had actually been to the location, you would have absolutely no idea.  Plus, since the exhibit is done this week-end, if I wait until Thursday to tell you all about it, you would miss out.

Our family discovered The Kaneko less than a year ago.  Pretty much it has become one of my favorite Omaha destinations.  Thankfully each of their exhibits tend to last a few months, so we have not missed any.  Their current “Play” exhibit was so much fun for the whole family.

Kaneko Play Lower Level Collage

The first level was filled with a collection of games and activities mainly from Fat Brain Toys, an amazing toy company out of Omaha.  My boys all loved playing with both the smaller perplexus mazes as well as the wooden superplexus,  In fact, my husband and oldest son never even made it past the first floor because they were so intrigued.

Kaneko Play Upper Level Collage

That left my youngest three and I to venture upstairs.  The boys definitely enjoyed trying to hit the targets with stomp rockets.  My daughter loved building a castle although she did not have enough time to stack the cardboard “stones” very high.  The two of us also loved looking at glass artisan,  Therman Statom’s, beautiful glass “house” that we first enjoyed last summer when the piece was created in honor of “Doorways to Hope.”  The whimsical creations nearby were developed by other area artists.  To learn more about each of these projects, please visit their website or Facebook page.  Or even better, go “Play” for yourself.

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