Today seems to have passed quickly by me.  Since I did spend quite a bit of time doing fun things with my children, I guess this is okay.  But now with it being past 11, sleep sounds better to me than typing away.  Yet since I do like to reveal my Wordless Wednesdays on Thursday, I decided that at least a short post is in order.

Telling about the topic at hand only briefly would be a disservice.  After all, this is one of my favorite ongoing Lincoln area adventures.  Introducing the topic is a better idea.  Without further ado, did you guess what I was featuring?  Of course you did, if you read the blog post title. 🙂

Doorways to Hope Logo

Across Lincoln for the next several months, you can see displays of community collaboration.  Art projects featuring doors that begin to tell the story of the impact that Habitat for Humanity is making in this city and beyond.  Our family’s mission is visit every single location.  I will talk about the beginning of our quest and those doors that we have seen so far in a special “Moving Monday” next week.

Why wait that long? Tomorrow I plan to feature another place that we visited just this week.  A location that indirectly affected a holiday that was observed by many today.  Official celebrations will be occurring in at least two Nebraska locations on Saturday.  Curious?  Turn in tomorrow to an informative “Flashback Friday.”  (Between now and Monday, maybe we will even manage to observe another door or two, making Monday’s column a bit longer.  See – waiting is not completely a negative thing.)

Good night, for now, from Nebraska!

Author: neodyssey