Today is known as the 45th day of the year in our household.  Thankfully I did not grow up with dreams of romantic Valentine getaways because they aint happenin’ ’round here! 🙂  Really I think it is funny now.  As I mentioned earlier, we celebrate our anniversary  in January, so as long as my husband remembers that, he’s good! Anyway, I know for many people, today is a big deal.

Perhaps you have been debating on what to do to celebrate tonight with your sweetie.  Well, I have two great options that would help you to have a lively Valentine’s Day. One could involve a get away, and one just might save someone’s life.


The dinner for this event happens to be sold out, but you can still go for the dessert and the dance.  Two complimentary drinks are included with purchase.  The getaway part?  The SAC museum just happens to be next door to Mahoney State Park and lodging packages are available.  Here is a description of the event from The Strategic Air & Space Museum website.

The 2014 Hangar Dance Swing Under the Wings will be held on February 14.  Swing Under the Wings will be in the style of a 1940s USO party complete with a full 17-piece big band.  We invite you to dress in your best vintage clothing or costumes to relive memories of a bygone era where music and dance provided a welcome distraction to the stresses of World War II.

I would think even just going to see all of the costumes and the swing dancing would be fun by itself!   As far as saving someone’s life …

An organization that I have featured several times on this blog is Tiny Hands International.  Rescuing women and children from a life of slave trade is such an important mission.  Tonight you can support their work with a fun event that could even be more your whole family.

Dance for Freedom is happening tonight from 7 to 11 p.m. at Lincoln’s Union Station.  Appetizers, dance contests and fun people: what a great way to celebrate a day dedicated to love.  Loving those who cannot love in return is a meaningful calling!  The best part about this for some of you?  No date required.  This is a fundraiser for Tiny Hands, so per person admission does cost $50.  While the tickets may seem a bit much, really if you had a full evening of flowers, dinner, dessert and a movie, could not the tab for two run well over $100?  Why not have your money go toward a great cause and still have a fun evening?

You can read a Journal Star “Dance for Freedom” article to learn more.

Or you can also watch a couple of clips:

KLKN story on “Dance for Freedom”

You officially have no excuse not to dance the night away!

Author: neodyssey