Watching the “Our Town” segments on KOLN/KGIN 10/11 is always enjoyable for me.  I love learning about small towns across Nebraska whose names I have read on the map but have possibly not veered off the main highways to go and see.  Hearing that this week’s town is “Holdrege” intrigued me because my Grandma grew up in that area.  Then when I heard their first Holdrege location, I was even more interested.


Picture taken from their website!

While I have to admit that I have not actually been to the Nebraska Prairie Museum, I have personally seen one of their artifacts.  My Great-Grandma’s necktie quilt is often on display in this Phelps County Museum.  I wrote about our family’s adventure in visiting the quilt in Washington D.C. back in November.  I definitely hope to make it out this central Nebraska museum at some point to see the quilt at home.

All in all, the news station will feature ten different stories on Holdrege throughout the week on many of the Nebraska CBS stations.  If you miss any of the stories, you can visit their website to learn more about Our Town: Holdrege, Nebraska.  This week-end this will show all of the feature stories in a 30 minute show.  Lance Schwartz is the video journalist who coordinates the features, and he does a great job of highlighting the great towns across Nebraska.

P.S. My Mom’s cousin just happens to be married to the current mayor of Holdrege – was really fun to see him interviewed on the news.  Not sure if you can find his part online though …

Author: neodyssey