Ah'Roma Coffee is freshly roasted in NebraskaBecoming a coffee connoisseur was never my intention.  In fact, I never even touched the stuff for almost the first four decades of my life.  Looking back I wonder how different college would have been if I would have had this habit! 🙂  Anyway, my husband went on a church retreat a few years ago and came back a coffee drinker.  After many attempts and by purchasing a bottle of creamer, he convinced me to give it a go.  Not surprisingly, in order for me to be able to swallow, I had half creamer and half coffee.  When my husband took a small sip, he about choked at the sweetness.  I can proudly say that each glass of coffee now is about 1/8 creamer and 7/8 coffee.  I have made progress.  But that might be because of Ah’Roma coffee.

Every morning, my husband is the one who makes the coffee.  This is partially because I am usually still exercising or finishing getting ready.  One other reason – the random part of me guesses how much coffee to add to the pot – my proportions are not very consistent.  So my husband loads up the grinder, then measures and adds the beans to my Grandma’s old percolator stainless steel pot.  Supplies are stored in the basket given to me by my friend, Tina.  Sipping from the mug given to me by my friend, Sarah, my day starts on a happy note.  Possibly I might be sentimental.  🙂

At first, we used any old coffee.  Now we have become full fledged coffee snobs.  Only one brand of coffee can now be found at our house.   Our coffee of choice: Ah’roma Coffee that just happens to be roasted right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Thanks to an informative conversation with one of the owners recently, I am about to give you an education as to why this coffee is SO good!

Nebraska coffee roasters

Becoming a part of the coffee industry was never the intention of the R.U.Nuts? company.  After all, they were into bulk foods, not beverages.  Yet at a food show a number of years ago, they were challenged to give coffee a try.  Initially they purchased elsewhere, then they were challenged to take it a step further and start roasting their own.  Ah’roma Coffee began.  By micro-roasting in smaller 20-30 pound batches, the coffee beans maintain an amazing flavor.

Currently they have over 50 varieties of coffee.  Many of their flavors are seasonal, such as one I had recently at Janie’s Confections in Nebraska City- blueberries and champagne.  If you buy a cup of coffee across Nebraska, chances are you m ay have sampled Ah’roma coffee as they are now featured at 50-60 shops across the state.

What makes the coffee better?  The beans.  Evidently there is a reason why your coffee shop beverage does taste better than basic coffee purchased at the store.  Big manufacturers use robusta beans as they are less expensive to buy.   Grown at a lower elevation, the acidity level tends to be high.  By starting with  Arabica beans that are grown at a higher elevation with less acidity, you can roast the coffee to have a better taste.  Depending on the amount of roasting and the flavors that are added, you can have a completely different coffee experience.

Going beyond just coffee, R.U.Nuts?  now has the capabilities to completely outfit a coffee shop with all that they need.  One of their goals is creating custom blends of espresso for coffee shops.  By asking questions of the owners, they are able to personalize and tweak the coffee experience for each shop.  One of their favorite phrases is “We bring the coffee house to your house.”

As for our house, we are not just a one brand coffee family – we also happen to be a one flavor family.  My husband had settled on “Jamaican Me Crazy” as the blend for us.  With hints of caramel and Kahlua, this bean is quite good.  Occasionally, especially around the holidays, I sneak in another flavor.  Usually my husband notices, so we go back to his standard favorite.  Since that kind is delicious. I am okay with routine.

Ah'roma Coffee to Give Away

Why am I mentioning all of this?  I have not actually tried the “Breakfast Blend” that is a part of this giveaway, but I have been assured that this bean is a great basic type to try, perfect for starting the day.  Yes, the picture above is of the TWO pounds of coffee, donated by R.U.Nuts?, that one of my readers can win   Again, I am glad to ship the coffee to anywhere in the continental United States.  You can click on the link below to enter to win.

Rafflecopter: Ah’Roma Coffee Giveaway

Note: I requested bags of beans, as opposed to the ground coffee, because I think it is fresher and easier to ship.  Not have a grinder?  Explain your dilemma to your local grocery store – they will probably be willing to let you use their grinder!  This giveaway ends at Midnight next Monday night.  Stay tuned because I have ONE more great giveaway that will be happening next week for my Nebraska readers!

One last item of business: A BIG congratulations to Janet for winning the Holen One Farms Barbecue Gift Pack last week. This morning in today’s “drawing”, Kim won the  Lincoln Children’s Museum 4-Pack of Tickets.  Excited for you, ladies!  Your prizes are on the way!

P.S.  I am sorry, my Love.  While you do live in the U.S., you are not eligible for this giveaway.  But, I promise I will keep buying you “Jamaican Me Crazy” coffee as long as we both shall live.


Author: neodyssey